Career Conversations

OPPD schedules a yearlong series of Career Conversations, both in person and online, in collaboration with the Career Development Office at our Annapolis campus. These sessions give students a chance to learn about a wide range of professions and career paths. In-person sessions are usually scheduled on Wednesdays at noon, so students can enjoy lunch while they listen, learn, and ask questions.

Many speakers are alumni—including graduates featured on our alumni success page. This gives students the chance to understand how a St. John’s College degree is a superb foundation for a rewarding career. And alumni are always willing to continue the conversation after the session and introduce students to their professional networks.

Each semester’s career information sessions cover the following 10 major fields: Arts, Business, Education, Government and Public Policy, Journalism, Law, Medicine, Nonprofits, Social Sciences and Humanities, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

Career Conversations are a wonderful way to learn about careers, the advantages of a liberal arts degree in professional work, and how to prepare for a career during a student’s time at St. John’s College.

Contact OPPD for more information about our Career Conversations program.