About the Mitchell Art Museum

Located in an award-winning building on the St. John’s College campus, just steps from the Maryland Statehouse, the Elizabeth Myers Mitchell Art Museum (/m) presents changing exhibitions in a free and welcoming environment. Like the college, we foster curiosity by encouraging deep engagement and open-ended conversation, asking timely and persistent questions of the human experience through art and with extraordinary artists. We are the only nationally accredited visual arts museum in Anne Arundel County and one of only five in the State of Maryland.


Peter Nesbett, Director
peter.nesbett(at)sjc.edu | 410-626-2536

At the museum since September 2022, Peter is an award-winning art historian, experimental curator, editor, administrator, and occasional art activist. He began his career as a scholar of African American Art, co-edited three books on Jacob Lawrence, co-founded and co-directed an experimental art gallery in Harlem called Triple Candie, and then with Shelly Bancroft produced projects across Europe and North America. From 2010 to 2015, he was Associate Director at the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage in Philadelphia. He is responsible for exhibitions, long-range planning, fundraising, and public relations.

Jenny Cawood, Manager (of Artistic Inquiry)
jenny.cawood(at)sjc.edu | 410-626-2556

Brought onto the /m team in October of 2022, Jenny is a museum educator, art and film critic, international academic advisor, and art historian. After graduating from St. John’s College in 2017, she moved alone to Aix-en-Provence, France, ultimately earning two Master’s degrees in Art History and Painting over the course of four years there. She has conducted creative tours in museums across Europe, published her critical analysis for various publications, and exhibited work with other artists in France. As Manager of the Mitchell Art Museum, she is responsible for student enrichment & engagement, educational programs, event management, and daily operations, among other things.

Sachi Ajmera (GI25), Museum Host
Aryasatya Anindita (A26), Museum Host
Nadine Bucca (GI25), Museum Host
Faith Chang (A25), Museum Host
Sewi Jung (A26), Museum Host
Yukyeong Seo (A24), Museum Host
Dohyun Song (A24), Museum Host
Maya Wolfe (A26), Museum Host

Campus Committee

  • Sarah Benson, Tutor
  • Samuel Webb, Tutor
  • Stella Zhu, Tutor

Board of Advisors

  • Joy Chambers
  • Rhonda Pindell Charles
  • Kathy Clatanoff
  • Tara Clifford
  • Deborah B. Coons
  • Janet Gellici
  • Robert Koenke
  • Marilyn Lyons
  • Macarena Olsen
  • Laura T. Ricciardelli
  • Wilford W. Scott
  • Melissa Yanowitz

Emeritus Members

Emeritus members have dedicated in excess of twenty years of service to the museum and remain exceptionally supportive.

  • Melvin Bender
  • Jean Brinton Jaecks
  • Cathy Byerly
  • James W. Cheevers
  • Ruth Anderson Coggeshall
  • Keren Dement
  • Sylvia Earl
  • Anna E. Greenberg
  • Carolyn P. Kammeier
  • Casey Pingle, Chair Emeritus
  • Eric Smith

We are grateful for the following /mbassadors for their ongoing support

/mbassadors are people who have made financial or other important contributions to the museum over the past year.

  • Anonymous
  • Peggy Sue Atterbury
  • Rida Aycock
  • Mark Baganz and Laurie Salladin
  • Susan Baum, Arts Council of Anne Arundel County
  • Melvin Bender
  • Tom and Ann Berger
  • Chief Michael Boston
  • Gavin Buckley, Annapolis Mayor
  • Steve and Laura Burns
  • Joy Chambers and Peter Bungay
  • James W. Cheevers
  • Cynthia Chess
  • Katherine D. Clatanoff
  • Laura Clausen
  • Tara Balfe Clifford
  • Deborah Bowerman Coons
  • Ann Covington, CovingtonAlsina
  • Carol Cronin
  • Patrick F. Crossman
  • Heather Crowder, The Lightbox
  • John Davis
  • Don and Keren Dement
  • Nora Demleitner
  • Barbara Dorsey
  • Ms. Margaret Fallon
  • Alexandra M. Fotos
  • Janet Gellici
  • Dr. Herbert Gilliland, Jr.
  • Beth Goldstein, PNC
  • Scott Greatorex
  • Elizabeth Grimaldis
  • Leslie and Steve Gruskin
  • Jimi Haha, Up.St.ART Annapolis
  • Vivian and Alan Harquail
  • Robert Haywood
  • Margaret and Stephen Hilbert
  • Jan and David Hoffberger
  • Meg Hosmer
  • Harry and Jean Brinton Jaecks
  • Carolyn P. Kammeier
  • Tony Lewis, Jr., Tony J. Photography
  • Sara Luell
  • Marilyn Lyons
  • Judith and David Mauriello
  • Melson Family Trust
  • Coleen Mennucci
  • Chris Nelson
  • Laurie Nolan and John McClure
  • April Nyman, Arts Council of Anne Arundel County
  • Dr. Katharine O’Donovan
  • Barbara Openshaw
  • Karen and Rocco Pangallo
  • Dr. James Parker
  • Claire Peterson
  • Rex and Katharine Pingle
  • Steuart Pittman, Anne Arundel County Executive
  • Anne Potter
  • Laura Ricciardelli and David Watt
  • Janis and Glen Rotner
  • Rita Sato
  • Wil and Siena Scott
  • Marietta Meigs Schreiber
  • Lisa and John Sherwood
  • Steven Skerritt-Davis, Maryland State Arts Council
  • Judy and Joseph Smaldone
  • Eric and JanElaine Smith
  • Patricia and Michael Smith
  • Emily Sollenberger, Maryland State Arts Council
  • Mary Spencer, Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County
  • Catherine Starnes
  • Dr. Barbara Tillett
  • Ms. Norma Uemura
  • Joan Vinson
  • Karen and Chuck Walsh
  • Harriet Warren
  • Gail and Stanley Watkins
  • Rick West
  • Sylvia Wilkerson, Bon Appetit
  • Rob Wood
  • Melissa Yanowitz and John Robey

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