MacGuyver Creator Lee Zlotoff (A74) on How MacGuyver Your Career

Lee Zlotoff (A74)—Hollywood producer, director and screenwriter (MacGyver, Remington Steele, Hill Street Blues)—has some ideas about how to manage your career. 

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If you hate your boss, the first question to ask is “why” you hate your boss! If you like your job, get over it: if you don’t, move on. (36 sec.)

What if you wake up and find you’re in the wrong career? Work out why you’re in that career. What is it I really want to spend my time doing? (44 sec.)

Avoid “quiet quitting”—you’re not living, you’re just existing. (52 sec.)

The average college graduate changes careers multiple times. Figure out what you want to do and make a plan to get there. (55 sec.)

Have you considered doing a MacGyver on your career? Just a paper clip, a stick of gum, and some duct tape should do it. (1 min.)