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Summer Academy Online Series

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for 2023 Sessions

Online for High School Students Aged 15–18

St. John’s offers two great options for high school students: our on-campus Summer Academy program and our Summer Academy Online Series. The Online Series is ideal for students aged 15–18 who seek intellectual challenges from anywhere in the world!

The Summer Academy Online Series offers real St. John’s College seminars led by our full-time faculty. Here, you can expect small seminars where you engage in vigorous discussions with other students who love great books, new ideas, and deep conversation—just like you.


June 19–23: Plato’s Dialogues: the Meno and the Apology
This seminar will cover: Plato’s Meno and Apology

June 26–30: Shakespeare’s As You Like It
This seminar will cover: As You Like It by Shakespeare (New Cambridge edition)

July 31–August 4: Speeches on American Democracy

This seminar will cover:

  • F. Douglass, The Constitution of the United States: Is It Pro-Slavery or Anti-Slavery?” 1860 (Excerpts TBD)
  • Lincoln’s speech on the Dred Scott (Selections TBD)
  • F. Douglass, “What to the slave is the 4th of July?” (1852)
  • Lincoln’s, First Inaugural Speech and Gettysburg Address
  • F. Douglass, “Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln,” 1876
  • Lincoln’s, Second Inaugural Speech
  • Young Men’s Lyceum 1838

August 7–11: Poetry by American Women: Emily Dickinson, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Rita Dove

  • Dickinson: “Split the Lark..." and/or "I Felt a Funeral” (the Franklin edition is recommended)
  • Brooks: “still do I keep my look, my identity..." and/or "love note I: surely”
  • Dove: “Voiceover”