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JuNE 23–29, 2024 | Annapolis, MD

A pesky gadfly. A numbing torpedo-fish. A seductive satyr. These are only three of the many images found in Plato’s dialogues that are used to describe Socrates. During this week of Summer Academy, we will have an opportunity to encounter this many-sided and much-debated figure for ourselves, as we spend our whole week in his company. Our reading and discussion will consider Plato’s dialogues about Socrates’ final days, including the trial that sentenced him to death, his decision to stay in Athens despite that, and his final hours on his deathbed arguing for the immortality of the soul. Come join us as we explore the questions Socrates asked, how he pursued them, and why he seems to have alternately inspired and infuriated so many.

Readings include Phaedo, Crito, and Apology

General Information About Camp

Summer Academy in Annapolis

At the St. John’s College Summer Academy, the community formed among students is a natural extension of the friendships and ideas formed in the classroom. To this end, Summer Academy students experience life at St. John’s by taking lessons in croquet, swing dancing, sailing, and choral singing. Students’ conversations about justice, nature, and law will continue as they are taken on a tour of the Maryland State House and attend a performance of Shakespeare’s The Tempest by the Annapolis Shakespeare Company.