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Parents and Family

We encourage all students to be actively involved in the financial aid process and understand how these decisions will affect them during and after college. However, we also understand parents sometimes have additional questions and concerns in assisting students to make their education a reality. We are here to help!

As college students, your children are legally allowed to control who the Financial Aid and Business offices can release information to. Therefore, we request that all students submit the FERPA form through our Business Office. In the document your child can list you as someone that we can share specific information with about their bill and financial aid award. We encourage parents to contact our offices for assistance and we will be happy to help.

A helpful tool that parents can utilize to estimate their out-of-pocket expenses is our Billing Worksheet (Annapolis only). This is a fillable PDF that will help guide you through your student’s financial aid award notice to determine how much of the bill (if any at all) is not covered by financial aid. For more information about tuition, fees, room and board, please see our Tuition and Costs section on the website.

We understand that there may be some situations where parents may want to help fund their child’s education. The U.S. Department of Education provides parents with additional loans that can help to supplement a student’s financial aid award. The Parent Plus Loan is a federal based loan that parents can apply to by visiting and using their FSA ID.