Campus Transfer

Application Process

If you are applying to transfer between the Annapolis and Santa Fe campuses, please follow the following steps in addition to completing your transfer application. To be eligible to transfer and receive your financial aid, the FAFSA must be completed by February 1.

Step 1: Complete FAFSA, listing both campuses

File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The federal code for Annapolis is 002092 and Santa Fe is 002093. Make sure to list both campus codes. You can file a renewal FAFSA if you have your FSA ID. You can create or edit your FSA ID online.

Step 2: Give supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Office

Once the Financial Aid Office has received your FAFSA, we will notify you of any supporting documentation we need. Examples of the additional information we may need are copies of parents’ and students’ federal income tax transcript (transcript must be requested from the IRS), W-2 forms, partnership and corporate returns are when applicable. To send these documents, you can email, fax, or send by mail to the Financial Aid Office.