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JohnnieCast - An Alumni Forum via phone

The St. John’s alumni community gathered via telephone on Tuesday night, November 29, 2016, for a “JohnnieCast” conversation with Santa Fe campus President Mark Roosevelt and Vice President Phelosha Collaros (SF00). The conversation was lively with more than 780 participants listening in as alumni asked questions live on the call. Topics ranged from college governance to student life to the enduring transformative power of the college’s New Program. Many calls focused on the long-term financial health of the college, particularly in light of the recently announced gifts from alumni Ron Fielding (A70) and Warren Spector (A81), the largest ever gifts in the college’s history.

While the purpose of the JohnnieCast was not primarily fundraising, over 24 alumni stepped up to make a gift to the Fund for St. John’s, giving more than $14,200 over the course of the hour-long call to express their support for the Program, their esteem for the faculty, and their commitment to keeping the college strong for another 320 years and beyond. Those wishing to join their fellow Johnnies in making a gift may do so now via the college’s online giving form.

President Roosevelt expressed his thanks to all those who joined the call, and especially those who chimed in with questions. If you have a follow-up question for President Roosevelt, please email or call the Alumni Office at 505-984-6114. He will be responding in more detail to some questions in the coming days; stay tuned to this space.

JohnnieCast Audio Recording

If you’d like to update your phone number for future JohnnieCasts, or if you have any questions, visit the Contact Information Form, call the Alumni Office at 505-984-6114, or send an e-mail to