Hydee Schaller Tribute

Congratulations to Hydee Schaller on her Retirement

Hydee Schaller Mitchell Gallery St Johns College
Hydee Schaller managed the Mitchell Gallery for nearly 30 years.

Hydee Schaller, director of the Mitchell Gallery, retired on August 31, 2020. Hydee led the Mitchell Gallery for almost 30 years, overseeing 200 exhibits while connecting St. John’s with the local arts community. Each year, the Mitchell Gallery has welcomed thousands of visitors to our campus and provided programming to our Polity and the surrounding community. As an Annapolis resident, she has been a consistently powerful voice for the Mitchell Gallery and St. John’s College.

Hydee started at the Mitchell Gallery in 1991, and stayed at the helm for 200 of the 211 exhibitions the gallery has presented over its 30-year history. She oversaw the growth of annual visitors from 5,000 to more than 13,000, and built collaborations with a wide range of other museums, including the National Gallery of Art, The Morgan Library, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Fenimore Art Museum, and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Her enthusiasm and leadership created an environment that enabled the Mitchell Gallery and its staff to support an incredible range of programming and exhibits from around the globe. Hydee also guided the institution through an accreditation process that took almost three years and resulted in the Mitchell Gallery being the only accredited college art museum in Maryland.

The Mitchell Gallery is a gem for art lovers in Annapolis and beyond. This reputation has been built by Hydee’s tireless work in creating a premiere art experience for visitors in Maryland and the entire mid-Atlantic region.

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Congratulations Hydee!

Congratulations, Hydee! I just now bumped into this announcement by accident, and even though I am a bit tardy, Jon and I send you our very best wishes for a fulfilling retirement. The change of pace and extra time will lead to many new adventures and pursuits. As others who went before me said, “I have such a full life now in retirement that I wonder how I ever found time to work.” It is true. I had few plans or expectations, and now I couldn’t be happier. Every day is such a gift. I am certain that with your bright spirit, curious mind, and dedication to the arts you will find this new period of life to be a most enjoyable time. Hoping our paths cross again. I salute and admire the great work you have done at The Gallery, but now it is time for You.
Love, Kathy and Jon
— Submitted by Kathryn Williams
Dear Hydee: Your love for the arts has been an inspiration for all of us in Annapolis, but especially for those of us who work to bring the arts to the public. And while you will be leaving St. John’s, I know that you will not be leaving arts in Annapolis. I look forward to your leadership in the Annapolis arts scene, whether as a volunteer or in another role, and hope we have additional opportunities to work together in the future.
— Submitted by Joann Vaughan
Denise and I have always thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits you put on at the Mitchell Gallery. They were always just the right size for the viewer to take in. Congratulations on moving on to the next chapter of your life. [I moved on to my next chapter in 2018. I don’t like the word retirement, so I often refer to it as “next chapter” and/or I say I am on “sabbatical”. Best wishes in your future endeavors.
— Submitted by Sheldon Timin
The Mitchell Gallery at St. John’s College is a special place because of the stewardship of Hydee Schaller. During her years of service she has engaged her campus and local communities with insightful programming and exhibitions that supported and furthered the mission and vision of St. John’s. A wonderful colleague and friend, Hydee deserves all the best wishes for her retirement. I am sure her ‘boys’—Chas, Charlie, and Will—are proud of her accomplishments as are we all.
— Submitted by Domenic Iacono
Congratulations Hydee! It has been so wonderful to work with you over the years at our “southern venue” haha! We will miss you but wish you a very well deserved retirement. On to a new chapter!
— Submitted by Emily Dittman
I will treasure my many happy interactions with Hydee. She has been a loyal friend of the Syracuse University Art Museum. She and Lucinda Edinberg worked collaboratively with us on several exhibition projects to both our benefits. I would be remiss not to mention a visit to the Mitchell many years ago. Hydee had invited me to give a presentation on an exhibition I curated on artist portraits and self-portraits. Feeling a bit “off” after finishing my remarks, I excused myself for the evening. Hydee insisted I call if my condition didn’t improve, which I did early the next morning. Hydee dispatched Lucinda who called an ambulance that rushed me to the Annapolis hospital. There, after several hours propped up on a gurney in a hallway, I had an emergency appendectomy. Hydee and Lucinda’s support made for a very happy, despite the hiccup, experience. Congratulations Hydee, here’s hoping the St. John’s Croquet team beats the Naval Academy this year and for years to come.
— Submitted by David Prince
Congratulations on your retirement! I wish you health, happiness, and many more years of enjoying art as you move into this new chapter of your life. It was an honor and a privilege to have worked with you on the two exhibitions that we curated together: “From ‘La Serenissima’ to the Eternal City: The Grand Tour in 18th-Century Venice and Rome,” in 2010; and “Dialogues: Words and Images in Art,” in 2014. Your wide knowledge and expertise, as well as your curatorial and administrative skills, will be missed. I, along with all the other students, staff, and guest curators, who had the opportunity to collaborate with you, will especially miss you kindness, tolerance, patience, and support which you always gave freely and with such grace. “in bocca al lupo!”
— Submitted by David Gariff, National Gallery of Art
Hydee—working at the gallery was one of the true joys of my time as a student at St. John’s, and you were of course instrumental in making it the special place it is. I was particularly grateful for the way you treated the guards as family, from the farewell dinner for graduating seniors to the gathering of former guards you put together for the gallery’s anniversary. Wishing you all the best and hope you know what a mark you’ve made!
— Submitted by Andrew Kolb
Hydee, it has been a pleasure working with you over these many years! I’ll miss seeing you and hope you have a wonderful retirement.
— Submitted by Kathleen Cady
SJC has been so very fortunate to have you champion the arts for their students, staff, and the Annapolis community. Three decades of work surrounded by art, what a smart woman you are! Please know that you and your smile will be missed on campus. Congratulations on your retirement, hold found memories of SJC in your heart, and send us pics of your adventures in New England from time to time.
— Submitted by Pamela Francis
Hydee, it was wonderful getting to know you the few months we were together in DAR before COVID hit. You were a great co-worker and I wish you ALL the best in your retirement. Take good care and congratulations!
— Submitted by Elise B.
Hydee, the legacy you have created in your work for the Mitchell Gallery and St. John’s College is most evident not from the amazing art you have brought to campus, but rather in the words of all who have known you. To touch lives on this deep level for so long is a rare and precious thing. Best wishes in retirement!
— Submitted by Mike O’Connor
Hydee, I have long admired your dedication, your practical wisdom, and your ambitious vision for the Mitchell Gallery. You’ve been game for the experiments I’ve done with language classes and offered help on many occasions. And I love the way you run a meeting! We stay on topic, finish on time, and in between get to fully work together. I wish you all the best in retirement, and hope we will see you in the Gallery when it reopens. Enjoy yourself; you have inspired many students and colleagues!
— Submitted by Patricia Locke
Congratulations, Hydee! Having just retired myself in July, I can assure you that the water is FANTASTIC in retirement! Wishing you exciting and fulfilling years ahead.
— Submitted by Bill Pastille
The Mitchell Gallery is such an valuable and integral part of the St. John’s community and wouldn’t be possible without Hydee’s tireless work. Thank you, Hydee, for all you have done for the College, allowing the beauty of that corner of Mellon Hall to radiate and saturate our grounds and our lives. We will miss you!
— Submitted by Brendan Boyle
Hydee, you have brought so much that is of beauty and of interest to us all. The Mitchell Gallery is a gem, and you have done so much to foster it. Your cheerful presence has been a mainstay of college life for so long, we will really miss you!
— Submitted by Suzy Paalman
Dearest Hydee, I cannot imagine the Mitchell Gallery without its heart and soul. You have made the Gallery what it is today and your contributions are immeasurable. Over the years, you have brought the most amazing art to our community with literally hundreds of breathtaking exhibits. I will miss your radiant smile and warm greetings at the Gallery and at BOA meetings. You have a true gift of making everyone feel special and always show genuine appreciation of other’s work with a heartfelt note or a hug. I wish you all the best in this new chapter of your life. Congratulations indeed!
— Submitted by Carolyn Kammeier
We first met almost thirty years ago when you were a newly minted curator-director of the Mitchell Gallery and I was reviewing art exhibits for The Capital. Your exuberance and enthusiasm encouraged me to become a volunteer, a member of the Board and finally a long-term docent. It has been a fruitful friendship; I treasure all the meaningful moments and wish you lots of happiness in your bright future.
— Submitted by Carole Falke
Wow, where to begin. When Carol Falke asked if I would be interested in being a docent at the Mitchell Gallery I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle the work involved. But thanks to Hydee and her experience I found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Knowing Hydee and working with her is such a rare treat. She is a down to earth person that makes everyone feel at home and yet she has an intellect and tenacity to solve the most difficult problems handed to her. St. John’s was so fortunate to have this amazing woman on its staff working to make the Mitchell Gallery a place to see world class Art exhibits. She will be greatly missed. All the best in your future endeavors, Hydee. Love you!
— Submitted by Annette Uroskie
It is with mixed feelings that I wish you a very happy retirement. On the one hand, you deserve nothing less; on the other, it is hard to imagine the Gallery without you there. Our tenure at the College has nearly perfectly overlapped, and I have been proud to support you and the Gallery for every one of those days, enjoying the beautiful exhibits, the lavishly happy openings, and the elegant professionalism you brought to your work at the Gallery, building it into an extraordinary presence in the College and the wider community. You have brought the College thousands of friends who would not have known about us but for the Gallery. It has been a true privilege to have worked with you all these many years. No one else could have done as well, and with such warmth and good cheer too. I hope we will continue to see you about the College and as a visitor to the Gallery you have so lovingly served. You have my heartfelt thanks for your extraordinary service to St. John’s. And you have my thanks as a patron of the arts for providing Joyce and me with so many hours and days of viewing pleasure.
— Submitted by Chris Nelson
Thank you for being a beacon of positivity and joy at St. John’s College. The Gallery is a true asset, not only to the Students, Faculty, and Staff (who all benefit immensely from the exhibits and the work you have done), but also the community. There are wonderful things that I know I never would have seen and been able to share with my family, if it had not been for the Gallery.
— Submitted by Justin Horm
Hydee you have made the Mitchell Gallery the jewel at the center of our campus and the hub of St. John’s intellectual endeavor. Moving as you do with striking grace in managing, marshaling, leading, selecting exhibits, supporting artists in our community, and fighting for excellence of intellect and imagination, makes your resilient tough determination seem natural and easy. You practice civility, excellence, courage, humility, and grit among your many virtues. And you do so in an encouraging and tireless way that inspires imitation. You are a true teacher, tutor, and leader. On display in the Mitchell Gallery is the relationship between the hand and the mind where much of our intelligence lies. They test each other. You have an idea, you make it with your hands. If it doesn’t work you have to rethink and test again. This is the art of being human. This is how we are productive, and the less we have of it the sillier we are getting. Thank you Hydee for reminding us how to be productive and wise.
— Submitted by David Townsend
Dearest Hydee, You have been an incredible art historian, curator, development officer, and fundraiser, all rolled into one! We admire you and love you, Bill and Ruth
— Submitted by Ruth Anderson Coggeshall
To the beautiful and talented lady who made Mitchell Gallery a treasure to SJC and to the entire community, my sincerest thanks and best wishes for the next chapter in your life…May you enjoy it as much as we have the pleasure of enjoying your attentions to us.
— Submitted by Anna E. Greenberg
Dear Hydee, Where do I begin to thank you for all the kindness you have shown since Ken’s and my move to Annapolis sixteen summers ago? Our very first social outing was the Mitchell Gallery’s opening exhibit reception and you welcomed us so warmly we immediately felt at home. Even more satisfying was our visit to the next reception, where you greeted us both by name! We felt like we were already part of the Mitchell Gallery Family. In the years since, I have continued to feel the warmth of your friendship, while also admiring your truly impressive leadership as the Gallery’s Director. You set the welcoming tone and the the highest standards for the exhibits and programs that have made it such a well-respected institution, serving both the college and the community. Your decision to retire is certainly understandable, but please know that your very own MG Family will welcome you back any time! Thank you, Hydee, for everything!
— Submitted by Deb Coons
Dear Hydee – I congratulate your resounding success of nearly 30 years in presenting exhibits and lectures about art that often was new to many of us. For me, generously providing my first show as a photographer by hosting a Greenfield Library exhibit and reception will be long remembered; I’ve been hanging my work in real and digital galleries ever since. For decades, the Mitchell Gallery’s “opening” parties have made winters enjoyable by making it possible to visit with so many art-minded Annapolitans in such a fine location, and to enjoy the exhibits and lectures. I join with everyone to wish you the best for all the years ahead in your new life. We’ll greatly miss you.
— Submitted by Don Dement
Congratulations on a distinguished career as Director of the Mitchell Gallery. You have brought great art to a wide audience, outstanding leadership to St. John’s College, and friendship to students and a multitude of volunteers from the Annapolis community. Words cannot possibly express our gratitude.
— Submitted by Janet Rogers
Dear Hydee, A fond farewell to the Mitchell Gallery’s finest gallery director in 29 years 8 months. Hydee, twenty five years ago I met you in the gallery as Tom May was giving me a tour of the art studios and the Mitchell Gallery before I began teaching in the CEFA program. Over the years I witnessed your dedication, your knowledge and understanding of the arts and the warm and energetic enthusiasm for your work and especially the college at large. As I was arriving to teach my evening classes you would be quietly setting up the lectures in the conference room, meeting with the curator that would be giving the lecture, assisting staff with lighting and powerpoint after a long day in the gallery, and then dinner at a local restaurant as a thank you to the guest curator. Hydee you are the soul of the Mitchell Gallery. You have raised the level of the gallery to museum status enriching our lives and the Annapolis community at large. The Elizabeth Myers Mitchell Gallery is now part of NARM, a mosaic of museums throughout the U.S. I will miss your warm and beautiful smile at each reception, your knowledge and love for the arts. Hydee this is your time to enjoy your family and friends and to follow through on plans that you may have postponed along the way. I wish you well and Godspeed.
— Submitted by Jean Brinton Jaecks
Dear Hydee, Thank you so much for all you have done for the Mitchell Gallery throughout the years. Your hard work, creative energy, and grace have grown a jewel box of culture in the midst of a unique college. I hope that when you look at the community you have built you feel full of joy. Congratulation on your retirement!
— Submitted by Katherine Dunleavy
Hydee, when I moved to Annapolis you were just about the only person I knew who wasn’t a relative. You and the Mitchell Gallery gave me a space where I could be myself, and I will always be grateful to you for that. It has been the greatest pleasure to know you and work with you, and I look forward to helping you fill some of your newfound free time.
— Submitted by Kathy Clatanoff
Dear Hydee, What a lucky day for The Mitchell Gallery when you became its director! You brought a wealth of knowledge and professionalism that set the course for our fledgling institution. Through your untiring efforts, respect for others, and vision, the gallery flourished and became what it is today: an important educational resource for the college and regional community, valued by art lovers and respected by museum professionals. You did a great job. It was a lucky day for me, too. You were a wonderful colleague and friend, supportive, genuine, funny, and kind. I so enjoyed working with you. As you leave the college, I hope it is with the realization that you did important work that contributed meaningfully both to St. John’s College and to the City of Annapolis. You will be a hard act to follow. Wishing you all the best.
— Submitted by Kathy Dulisse
Dearest Hydee…What an amazing experience to have been in your company the past thirty years as you led us through the highways and by-ways of art and arts education and hosted wonderful special events like county-wide art competitions, topical lectures and tours. You applied for grants, fund-raised, visited the legislature, and on your watch the Gallery became the fifth fully accredited Maryland art museum. It literally takes my breath away to look down memory lane to see all that you accomplished. You did it while being a mom, a caretaker to far-flung family, a skier, a gardener and so much more. You did it all with such grace, empathy, good humor and the remarkable gift of a fabulous memory. And…you did it all from a shared office that is the size of a broom closet. What a fabulous thirty-year fling with art and friendship this has been. Hydee, we will miss you dearly but I join the multitudes to wish you joy and the very best of times that are yet to come.
— Submitted by Keren Dement
Dearest Hydee, When I think of you, a clear image comes to mind—a woman who is at once intelligent, articulate, creative, hardworking, elegant, and gracious. Even during stressful moments, when others were frazzled, you were poised and calm. Hydee, without a doubt, you are the epitome of loveliness. I believe your unusual ability to express gratitude, to make every person involved with the Mitchell Gallery feel recognized and needed, is nothing less than an art form. One cannot think of the Mitchell Gallery, its quality and endless accomplishments, without thinking of you and your longtime dedication. Personally, I will also recall your kindness and support for The Art of the Book and the Writing Intensive at St. John’s College. I am forever thankful for your generosity. I wish you all the best as you embark upon your next chapter. Whatever you choose to do, I know that those around you will be incredibly lucky.
— Submitted by Lynn Schwartz
My dear Hydee, Your retirement from the Mitchell Gallery will leave a big hole in my life. Whenever I came to docent, I looked forward to seeing you. You have, in your almost 30 years, made the gallery what it is with your work ethic, your personality, your graciousness, your knowledge and your caring for others. Plus, your wonderful organizational skills were most appreciated. I will miss you. And thank you for all the opportunities that you have given to me besides that of being a docent, the only original one still here. It was such a challenge and fun for me to make the bear chair for the auction and the day lily painting for another auction. I also so appreciated you letting me do a special program for a ladies group for the Shakespeare First Folio exhibit. Retirement is a brand new adventure and you will love it. Go off by yourself but also plan lots of things to do with Chas so you can create new memories. Have an extra cup of coffee or another run. The best advice that I received was to not commit to anything for a year! Let this upcoming one be for you. Let yourself feel your way. If you want to curl up with a book for a day, go for it! Have fun in your garden. Happy Retirement with Fair Winds and Following Seas.
— Submitted by Marietta Schreiber
Hydee does it all—and makes it seem easy. She does the big things—selects and curates the exhibits, searches for donor funding and works to keep those donors happy. She speaks eloquently at openings and gives a good easy-to-understand lecture. She is respected by her peers and colleagues, her Board, docents and other volunteers. Hydee works smoothly in an environment where the museum is not always considered the gem it really is—and she manages to keep confrontations and grievances to a minimum. Her natural charm and personal “niceness” seeps through everything she does and makes those who respect her, work all that much harder—just because it is for Hydee. She is a true professional and well respected in the museum world. And let’s not forget the little things. Hydee remembers names and personal preferences. She makes sure those uncomfortable walking distances have a parking spot near the museum with their name on it. She greets everyone, oversees the events, races around behind the scenes to make sure receptions, or lectures, or outside visitor activities are running smoothly. She deftly manages the enormous number of daily duties that come with being a museum director in a most professional way. The Mitchell Gallery has been extremely fortunate to have had Hydee as their Director for as long as they did. She is incomparable in so many ways. I personally am privileged to know her and to serve on the Board.
— Submitted by Marilyn Lyons
Dear Hydee, Where has the time gone?!! My enjoyment of decades of exhibitions, events, work on the Marketing Committee and Board involvement has always included you. It’s impossible for me to separate my vision of the Mitchell Gallery without you in it. I hope I can live up to your standards of excellence… You do it all! And you do it with grace and patience. It’s been fun trying to capture the highlights you oversee for my postings on Facebook and Instagram. Please know I’ve appreciated your leadership and guidance in helping to bring out the best in all of us. Thank you.
— Submitted by Melissa Yanowitz
Dear Hydee, How do you add praise to a list of perfections? You are simply the best at everything you do. It has been a joy to be a small part of your crew as you transformed a modest institution into a regional powerhouse. I can’t help but think that your next chapter will be just as transformative.
— Submitted by Pam McKee
Hail and Farewell to Mitchell Gallery Director Hydee! Since 2004 when John Moore connected us to explore the possibility of an exhibit at the Gallery of images of Japanese Rice Paper/pointillist-like Collages, gifted to the State of Maryland by our Sister State Kanagawa Prefecture, I have enjoyed our connection and friendship. After my joining the MG BOA, at the recommendation by and invitation of John Moore and Jack Ladd Carr, you warmly welcomed me. I valued your accessibility and our joint efforts on securing NARM accreditation. I was proud to represent the Mitchell Gallery at SJC, an Anne Arundel County Arts organizations at the annual MD Citizens for the Arts Day or at a table at the AA County Arts Council’s Gala or at Arts for All at Mayland Hall. You personify “collaboration not competition.” Hosting the Annapolis Symphony’s Chamber Concert performance in the Gallery is illustrative of this. Along with Pamela McKee, identifying, organizing and exploring art collections near and far for the Gallery’s Major Donors was a successful initiative thanks to your enthusiasm and always helpful arm to assist participants. You put a warm and smiling face to visitors and members who visit the Mitchell Gallery at St. John’s College, including the group from Arts Seminar in Baltimore. I thank and salute you for growing and expanding the depth and awareness of the Mitchell Gallery as a recognized treasure, on campus with the students and regionally, during the past 29 years. I welcome an opportunity to sit quietly, with you, socially distanced, on a bench in Bay Ridge, sipping a glass of NZ Starborough Sauvignon Blanc. Cheers and best wishes for your next chapter.
— Submitted by Tara Clifford
Nearly 30 years ago, when I served on the ad hoc committee established by then Dean Eva Brann to advise her on the choice of a head of the still new Mitchell Gallery, Hydee Schaller was the stand-out candidate we interviewed, and she was duly appointed to the post that came to be defined as Director. How fortunate all of us have been ever since! Her first year included the magnificently challenging Masks of the Himalayas exhibition, followed not long afterward by the unforgettably controversial Jonathan Borofsky exhibit of minimalist and pop sculptures and prints. Then came a diverse succession of greats, including Rembrandt, Whistler, Goya, and Lois Maillol Jones and Ruth Starr Rose, and just before the pandemic, the Fenimore Museum exhibit of American Indian art, and now, virtually, the Jacob Lawrence exhibit. Her collaborative style of leadership was unfailingly attentive, inspiring, and wise. She has led The Mitchell Gallery to the special place it has in bringing thousands annually to St. John’s College and enriching the city of Annapolis, as well as the College itself. I have been deeply privileged to have her as an esteemed colleague and advisor, and most especially, as a friend.
— Submitted by Tom May, Former Mitchell Gallery Faculty Advisory Chair
Hydee, Your cheerful, enthusiastic, and skillful leadership at the Mitchell Gallery will be missed by many. Enjoy your time to slow down, reflect on life, and “expand”, not “retire”. I feel very fortunate to have known you during your period as the Director of the Mitchell Gallery and hope to continue our friendship for many years! Congratulations on your retirement and for a job well done!
— Catherine Moore
You have given the College a remarkable gift of your dedication, knowledge, discernment, and leadership, all with a warm, welcoming spirit. We’ll miss you so very much, Hydee, and we'll think of you often.
— Pamela Kraus
Welcome to retirement! I’m sure you will continue your high energy approach to making the gallery such a success to retirement. Your enthusiasm was always infectious when we crossed paths at the gallery or Graul’s or Seawall Beach!
— Hans Froelicher
You have inspired so many with your professionalism, resourcefulness, creativity, and cheerful demeanor. You were such a wonderful colleague, and I will miss working with you. I wish you all the best, and hope to see you on campus from time to time.
— Cathy Dixon
To one of the best and kindest people I’ve worked with, congratulations on your retirement!
— Michael Boston
All best wishes on your retirement—you are the epitome of a much loved employee who gives heart and soul to the college! May you enjoy a well-deserved retirement!
— Nancy Calabrese, Health Center
Hydee, In the five years I have been at the college, I found you as truly inspiring. Your passion for your job (so then, not really a job), your love of the college, your patience with students and patrons (and me too), and your mindset around the safety and security of the exhibits … all that made you stand out. You are a friend to all who know you, and so I call you “friend.” May your retirement open doors to new opportunities, and may you write new chapters in the book of your life. This is not “goodbye,” it is “see you later.” Because in this small world, you never know where we’ll see each other again. Stay safe my friend, and thank you for all you have done at the Mitchell Gallery and for this special place we call St. John’s College.
— Robert Mueck
Dear Hydee, Thanks for your dedicated, tireless, and brilliant work in developing the Mitchell Gallery into a premier institution and for making it the centerpiece of a thriving community of art lovers. With gratitude and best wishes.
— Michael Dink
I wanted to share one memory with you, in the wake of today’s celebration of your work. When I was a student at St. John’s (1983–87), there was no gallery, of course; afterwards I spent two years in Europe, in various locations, among other things, visiting as many museums as I could, trying to educate myself about art. When I returned as a tutor (1998), I remember seeing the assorted posters of all of The Mitchell Gallery exhibitions that had been done in the intervening years, through the 90’s, and I was amazed at what had appeared here at the college, at home, so to speak, in my absence. And while, I confess, I have too often not spent the time in the gallery I would have liked, I have always admired the work you have done there.
— Joe Macfarland
You are inseparable in my mind from the Mitchell Gallery. Your professional habits of leadership and cheerful character have set the standard. You made the Mitchell Gallery an oasis of beauty and contemplation in the surrounding tempests. That you will be missed is an understatement.
— Louis Petrich
Hope you have many well-earned years of enjoyable retirement after these many years of working to turn the Gallery into such a wonderful operation. Thanks, and congratulations.
— Harvey Flaumenhaft
Your oversight of the Gallery has made the college better at being itself by adding something alien to what we do in classes. The exhibits you have chosen sometimes speak directly to our readings and sometimes urge us to think about new things. We read so much and so quickly for our classes, that often the Gallery has been the one place that reminds me to slow down. There is no right amount of time to look at a work of art. Pausing among the installations in the Gallery, we get a rare chance really to contemplate. By reaching out to members beyond St. John's, you have increased affection for our school in Annapolis.
— Sarah Benson