Hydee Schaller Tribute

Congratulations to Hydee Schaller on her Retirement

Hydee Schaller Mitchell Gallery St Johns College
Hydee Schaller managed the Mitchell Gallery for nearly 30 years.

Hydee Schaller, director of the Mitchell Gallery, retired on August 31, 2020. Hydee led the Mitchell Gallery for almost 30 years, overseeing 200 exhibits while connecting St. John’s with the local arts community. Each year, the Mitchell Gallery has welcomed thousands of visitors to our campus and provided programming to our Polity and the surrounding community. As an Annapolis resident, she has been a consistently powerful voice for the Mitchell Gallery and St. John’s College.

Hydee started at the Mitchell Gallery in 1991, and stayed at the helm for 200 of the 211 exhibitions the gallery has presented over its 30-year history. She oversaw the growth of annual visitors from 5,000 to more than 13,000, and built collaborations with a wide range of other museums, including the National Gallery of Art, The Morgan Library, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Fenimore Art Museum, and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Her enthusiasm and leadership created an environment that enabled the Mitchell Gallery and its staff to support an incredible range of programming and exhibits from around the globe. Hydee also guided the institution through an accreditation process that took almost three years and resulted in the Mitchell Gallery being the only accredited college art museum in Maryland.

The Mitchell Gallery is a gem for art lovers in Annapolis and beyond. This reputation has been built by Hydee’s tireless work in creating a premiere art experience for visitors in Maryland and the entire mid-Atlantic region.

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Submit your congratulations and warm wishes to Hydee using the form below:

Congratulations Hydee!

Congratulations, Hydee! I just now bumped into this announcement by accident, and even though I am a bit tardy, Jon and I send you our very best wishes for a fulfilling retirement. The change of pace and extra time will lead to many new adventures and pursuits. As others who went before me said, “I have such a full life now in retirement that I wonder how I ever found time to work.” It is true. I had few plans or expectations, and now I couldn’t be happier. Every day is such a gift. I am certain that with your bright spirit, curious mind, and dedication to the arts you will find this new period of life to be a most enjoyable time. Hoping our paths cross again. I salute and admire the great work you have done at The Gallery, but now it is time for You.
Love, Kathy and Jon
— Submitted by Kathryn Williams
Dear Hydee:
Your love for the arts has been an inspiration for all of us in Annapolis, but especially for those of us who work to bring the arts to the public.

And while you will be leaving St. John’s, I know that you will not be leaving arts in Annapolis. I look forward to your leadership in the Annapolis arts scene, whether as a volunteer or in another role, and hope we have additional opportunities to work together in the future.
— Submitted by Joann Vaughan
Denise and I have always thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits you put on at the Mitchell Gallery. They were always just the right size for the viewer to take in. Congratulations on moving on to the next chapter of your life. [I moved on to my next chapter in 2018. I don’t like the word retirement, so I often refer to it as “next chapter” and/or I say I am on “sabbatical”. Best wishes in your future endeavors.
— Submitted by Sheldon Timin
The Mitchell Gallery at St. John’s College is a special place because of the stewardship of Hydee Schaller. During her years of service she has engaged her campus and local communities with insightful programming and exhibitions that supported and furthered the mission and vision of St. John’s. A wonderful colleague and friend, Hydee deserves all the best wishes for her retirement. I am sure her ‘boys’—Chas, Charlie, and Will—are proud of her accomplishments as are we all.
— Submitted by Domenic Iacono
Congratulations Hydee! It has been so wonderful to work with you over the years at our “southern venue” haha! We will miss you but wish you a very well deserved retirement. On to a new chapter!
— Submitted by Emily Dittman
I will treasure my many happy interactions with Hydee. She has been a loyal friend of the Syracuse University Art Museum. She and Lucinda Edinberg worked collaboratively with us on several exhibition projects to both our benefits. I would be remiss not to mention a visit to the Mitchell many years ago. Hydee had invited me to give a presentation on an exhibition I curated on artist portraits and self-portraits. Feeling a bit “off” after finishing my remarks, I excused myself for the evening. Hydee insisted I call if my condition didn't improve, which I did early the next morning. Hydee dispatched Lucinda who called an ambulance that rushed me to the Annapolis hospital. There, after several hours propped up on a gurney in a hallway, I had an emergency appendectomy. Hydee and Lucinda’s support made for a very happy, despite the hiccup, experience. Congratulations Hydee, here’s hoping the St. John’s Croquet team beats the Naval Academy this year and for years to come.
— Submitted by David Prince
Congratulations on your retirement! I wish you health, happiness, and many more years of enjoying art as you move into this new chapter of your life. It was an honor and a privilege to have worked with you on the two exhibitions that we curated together: “From ‘La Serenissima’ to the Eternal City: The Grand Tour in 18th-Century Venice and Rome,” in 2010; and “Dialogues: Words and Images in Art,” in 2014. Your wide knowledge and expertise, as well as your curatorial and administrative skills, will be missed. I, along with all the other students, staff, and guest curators, who had the opportunity to collaborate with you, will especially miss you kindness, tolerance, patience, and support which you always gave freely and with such grace. “in bocca al lupo!”
— Submitted by David Gariff, National Gallery of Art