St. John’s Responds to Executive Order on Immigration

Statement from the Presidents of St. John’s College on the Executive Order on Immigration

January 31, 2017

St. John’s College is privileged to enroll many brilliant and accomplished international students on its campuses, and we are deeply concerned about the effects that the recent executive order involving immigration and travel may have on those students.

The situation is fluid, but St. John’s remains committed to being a welcoming and supportive environment for all of our students, regardless of religion or national origin. We want current and future Johnnies to know that the college will support you to our utmost ability. We will be consulting with experts who can help us understand our international students’ rights and the risks that may be presented to them by travel outside the U.S.

Colleges and universities around the nation are working to understand the implications of the executive order for students, faculty, and staff from other countries. St. John’s joins other higher education institutions in underscoring the immense value of international diversity on our campuses.

On a personal note, we want to express our sorrow over the fear and uncertainty the executive order may have aroused among our international students. Our students are the backbone of St. John’s College. We maintain our commitment to educating students in the art of civil discourse through great books and affirm that such an education helps to create an informed democracy.


Christopher B. Nelson
Mark Roosevelt