ANNAPOLIS—The RE-CYCLE bike-rental program at St. John’s College continues this fall. Launched in spring 2015 by the student-run Environmental Club, the program makes bicycles available, free of charge, to St. John’s students, staff, and faculty members.

“The idea for the program came about during Environmental Club’s first meeting [in September 2014] when we were brainstorming projects for the upcoming year,” Christine Rowghani (A16) said.

The program allows patrons to borrow a bicycle from the gymnasium to use for one day. With St. John’s proximity to the downtown Annapolis area, riders can explore the waterfront, go grocery shopping, or exercise.

“Whether you want to spend a Saturday exploring Annapolis or just make that trip to Graul’s a little easier, biking is an earth-friendly, heart-healthy, and enjoyable way to do so,” said Michael McQuarrie, director of athletics.

When asked where she would go if she borrowed a bike, Rowghani said, “I would probably use a bike to get to the Westfield Mall, Graul’s, or Quiet Waters.”

“Last year, I was working at a local elementary school, about a mile away, and I know there are still Johnnies who have that job. I would think a bike might come in handy for that sort of thing as well.”

The Class of 2009 donated the bicycles as part of their Senior Legacy Gift. Bikes are fully equipped, come with a lock and helmet, and are distributed on a one-day lending period.

Brady Lee (AGI14)