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Fireside Lounge

The Fireside Lounge is a 400-square-foot room at the southwest corner of Peterson Student Center. For receptions, this room accommodates 40 people. As with the Junior and Senior Common Rooms and the Thorpe Room, Fireside Lounge has a working fireplace for additional warmth and pleasant atmosphere on a chilly day.

Peterson Building Fireside Lounge Peterson Building Fireside Lounge 2

Seminars for up to 23 and lectures for up to 35 people take place in the Fireside Lounge. The door shown is on the east end of the room, and on the west end there is access to a small balcony that overlooks the dining hall. This space allows for additional meeting space, storage, or secure display space, and is only accessible through Fireside Lounge. The stairs lead next door to the Art Gallery; these doors remain locked except during gallery openings.

Peterson Building Fireside Lounge 3 Peterson Building Fireside Lounge 4