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St. John’s Summer Academy is a college summer program for high school students (ages 15 to 18), modeled after St. John’s discussion-based, interdisciplinary method of teaching the great books. A hands-on introduction to college life, our Great Books Summer Reading Program helps students hone their reading, critical thinking, and discussion skills. With engaging workshops and awesome off-campus excursions, the Summer Academy is a blast.


“My classroom experience at the Summer Academy was amazing! I had fun tackling big ideas together with diverse and intelligent people in an exciting way I haven’t before. I felt the discussions expanded my mind and the way I think.”
–Nathaniel (SA16)
Summer Classics for Adults in Santa Fe

Read and discuss timeless literary, philosophical, and artistic works this summer in Santa Fe! Consider thematic contrasts in Tolstoy’s War and Peace or Dante’s Purgatory, or aesthetic contrasts that bring drama to film noir or Georgia O’Keeffe’s art.