ITS Support

How IT Supports the College

The goal of the IT department is to enable you to use information technologies to fully support your work at the college. We provide you with computers, networks and software. We also provide support services to ensure that you can use these systems to meet your needs.

The Communications Office oversees the college's website. For any issues related to the website, please use the website feedback form.

reasons to Contact the Help Desk

  • your college computer, printer, phone, or application is not working properly
  • your access to the campus network is not working properly
  • you are having problems accessing your college email or the Web
  • you have questions or problems using CX or Cognos
  • you have a quick question about how to do something on your college computer - e.g., how do you set a right Tab in Word, how do you save a file to your network folder
  • you want to check on the status of an ITS service
  • you would like to learn how to better use your college computer or college-provided applications
  • you would like to know whether you can do something new on your college computer
  • you would like to know how to use the resources in the student or faculty computer lab

Hours of Operation

  • Annapolis: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET
  • Santa Fe: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT

Via Email

You may create a Help Desk ticket by emailing

Via Phone

The main Help Desk phone number for both campuses is 855-696-0417.

The Help Desk phone line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if you call outside of our hours of operation or if all staff is currently assisting other users, leaving a voicemail will also automatically create a Help Desk ticket.

Help Desk phone line options include:

  • Press 1 to reach the Annapolis Help Desk
  • Press 2 to reach Santa Fe Help Desk
  • Press 4 to reach Annapolis audiovisual support
  • Press 5 to reach Santa Fe audiovisual support
  • Press 0 to speak with the Annapolis switchboard operator
  • Press 9 to speak with the Santa Fe switchboard operator

Via Microsoft Teams

In order to contact the Help Desk via the Microsoft Teams application, click on the “Calls” menu button on the left bar. From there you can use the Search bar directly by typing in “Help Desk” (two separate words).

If you press Enter, you may need to click on the “People” tab at the top of the search results to see the call queues for each campus, signified with a headset icon.

You can click “Add to speed dial” and search for “Help Desk” in order to add your desired Help Desk (Annapolis, Santa Fe, or collegewide) to your Speed Dial List.

Helpful links include:

Reasons to Contact the Chief Information Officer

  • operation of the ITS office and services
  • scheduling of work requested by your office
  • operation of the student computer lab
  • operation of the faculty computer lab
  • ITS services
  • ITS policies
  • you have needs for new computer equipment, software, FAX or copy machines
  • you would like to explore possibilities for
    • managing your office’s information
    • converting from paper to electronic forms and documents
    • using email to collect or distribute information

Contact Frank Anastasio at
Email: fanastasio(at)
Phone: 410-600-3200