About the Facilities

Meem Library offers a variety of study areas designed to accommodate up to half of the student body. Comfortable couches, study tables, private carrels, outside balconies, and a maximum use of natural light provide a contemplative atmosphere, which fosters careful reading and quiet reflection.

Ault-Evers Room

The Ault-Evers room is named after Bromwell Ault and Walter Evers both of whom served on the St. John’s College Board of Visitors and Governors. The room showcases the library’s Special Collections. It is also used for certain important academic events, such as Senior and Graduate Oral Examinations.

Classroom Space

There are two classrooms located on the second floor of the library. In addition to accommodating seminars and preceptorials, these rooms are used for group study space and student tutoring.

The Music Room

The Music Room, located on the first floor, contains audio-visual equipment, circulating CDs, DVDs, long-playing records, language and lecture tapes, and videos. Books on music and scores are shelved in the “M” section of the general collection.

Student Tutoring Center

The writing assistants and student tutoring center are located on the second floor of the library, Rooms 202/203 and 205/206. This service is offered to and by currently enrolled students. Office hours are posted on the bulletin board outside Rooms 202/203 and 205/206.

24-Hour Study Rooms

The library has two study rooms that are open 24 hours a day when school is in session. The rooms are accessed from the front lobby. Food and drink are permitted in these rooms.