Meem Library’s General Guidelines

The following policies are designed to keep materials accessible to as many users as possible. Your familiarity and compliance with these guidelines will benefit the entire college community.

  • The borrowing period for students, faculty, and staff is a semester for books and seven days for circulating videos, CDs, DVDs, records, and cassette tapes. Anyone needing longer may renew materials.
  • All materials are subject to recall by the Library.
  • Reference materials are for Library use only.
  • Current and back issues of periodicals are for Library use only. Back issues are kept in storage and can be requested at the Circulation Desk. Response time depends upon staff availability.
  • There is a general call-in of all Library materials two weeks before the end of each semester. Items not returned will be billed through the Treasurer's Office.
  • Call-in notices are sent to borrowers through campus mail. Fines are charged if materials are not returned or renewed. Bills for replacement costs are then sent to the Treasurer's Office and are reflected on your monthly statement. Your account is credited the replacement cost if a billed item is returned. However, a $5 processing fee per item will not be refunded.
  • Eating and smoking are prohibited inside the Library. Drinks are permitted in closed containers. Eating and drinking are permitted in the 24-hour study rooms. In accordance with college policy, no alcohol is permitted.
  • Library furniture may not be taken outside. Outdoor furniture is provided on Library balconies. Individuals are asked to remove their shoes before placing their feet on Library furniture.