Santa Fe Freshman Seminar Readings

Freshman Seminar Readings

This list may be subject to change. Please always check with tutors or cross-reference with the paper reading list distributed by the dean’s office.

Freshman Seminar Readings for Fall 2021
Date Reading
August 26 Homer: Iliad, Books 1–6
August 30 Homer: Iliad, Books 7–12
September 2 Homer: Iliad, Books 13–18
September 6 Homer: Iliad, Books 19–24
September 9 Homer: Odyssey, Books 1–8
September 13 Homer: Odyssey, Books 9–16
September 16 Homer: Odyssey, Books 17–24
September 20 Aeschylus: Agamemnon
September 23 Aeschylus: Libation Bearers, Eumenides
September 27 Herodotus: Histories, I; III, 37–38
September 30 Herodotus: Histories, V, 62–78; VI, 94–140; VII, 1–60, 99–end
October 4 Herodotus: Histories, VIII, IX
October 7 Plato: Gorgias, 447a–481b
October 11 Plato: Gorgias, 481b–527c
October 14 Plato: Protagoras
October 18 Plato: Meno
October 21 Plato: Meno
October 25 Sophocles: Antigone
October 28 Plato: Republic, Book I (327a)
November 1 Plato: Republic, Book II (357a)–III (417b)
November 4 Plato: Republic, Book IV (419a)–V (480a)
November 8 Plato: Republic, Book VI (484a)–VII (541b)
November 11 Plato: Republic, Book VIII (543a)–IX (592b)
November 15 Plato: Republic, Book X (595a)
November 18 Aristophanes: Clouds
November 22 Plato: Apology, Crito
November 29 Plato: Phaedo, 57a–89a
December 2 Plato: Phaedo, 89b–118a
December 6 Plato: Theaetetus, 142a–187a
December 9 Plato: Theaetetus, 187a–210c
December 13 Sophocles: Oedipus Rex
December 16 Aeschylus: Prometheus Bound


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