Inspire Forever: Support the St. John’s Endowment

The Great Books endure for a reason.

They are timeless and universally relevant, touching hearts and minds in every age and every place. The questions they prompt can change the course of nations–and lives. Imagine a gift with that same potential–a gift destined to endure forever, to inspire forever. That is the beauty of a gift to the St. John’s endowment.

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St. John’s Guide to Endowed Giving provides more information and serves as a handy reference.

What endowed gifts mean for the college

During FY21 the endowment reached 231 million, a record high for the college
Our 2020 market record of 18 percent put St. Johns in the top quartile of our peers
Endowment income meets nearly 20 percent of St. Johns annual needs to tuition doesn't have to

Alumni and Friends are Making a Difference

Your gifts to Freeing Minds are keeping the Program strong today while preparing the college for an even stronger tomorrow.

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