SJC Road Trip

Exploring the Johnnie Way

Over the course of eight days in July 2017, a member of the St. John’s College Communications team completed a road trip between the college’s campuses in Annapolis, Maryland, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. The goal was to meet St. John’s alumni along the way, highlight what they have been up to since they graduated and see how their St. John’s education has played into their lives. What transpired was a 2,544-mile journey across the country and conversations with Johnnies in six cities along the way.

SJC Road Trip 2017: Annapolis to Santa Fe

The journey from Annapolis to Santa Fe went through nine states and Washington, DC.

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A Mentor for Youth

St. John’s College alumna Quinn Roberts (SF16) is working as a mentor at a therapeutic boarding school in western North Carolina.

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The Art of Learning

Jillian Sico (A05) spent recent years working with refugees in Georgia, but is preparing for a change.

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Building for the Future

Graham Gordon (AGI13) is a site supervisor for Habitat for Humanity in Tennessee.

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The Pursuit of Education

Daryl Breithaupt (SF13, EC14) has maintained a lifelong interest in education, and it continues with his work as a substitute teacher in Arkansas.

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An Odyssey for Johnnies

Patrick and Tianlu Redmon bonded over The Odyssey and are now on a journey together.

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Specializing in Communication

Liz Bush (SF08) is on a quest to help people suffering from communication disorders in Texas.

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