Preparation for College

The program provides invaluable insight into college life. Students participate in a variety of college-level educational activities in the classroom, and the experiences outside the classroom introduce them to a vibrant campus community.

In the classroom, faculty encourage students to discuss openly what they do and do not understand and be active participants in their own educations. Classroom discussions are by turns collaborative and introspective, boisterous and still, passionate and calm, and always intellectually liberating.

“The classroom experience at St. John’s was a huge confidence boost for me. It was amazing to interact with such intelligent peers, and still feel like I was able to hold my own.”
Aysiana (SA16)

Students have many opportunities to meet and network with St. John’s admissions counselors. Individual meetings with admissions staff members may be arranged and are designed to give students the chance to ask general questions about the college application and financial aid processes.

The Undergraduate Program

The Undergraduate Program at St. John's College is centered on study of the liberal arts through intense reading and seminar-style discussion classes.

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