Counseling & Wellness Services

Welcome to the Counseling & Wellness Services page. We are so glad you are here!

During your time at St. John’s, you may experience challenges that make it difficult to perform academically and thrive personally. Our team is here to support you and help you succeed.

Students seek counseling and wellness services for a variety of reasons, such as difficult life events, depression, anxiety, mood lability, sexual violence or other forms of trauma, grief, stress management, interpersonal challenges, and questions about identity. You may be referred by the assistant dean, a tutor, an RA, or a friend. You may just be curious about mental health services or have questions about whether treatment is appropriate for you at this time. You don’t have to be in crisis or have a diagnosable mental health condition to make an appointment; students come in to discuss a range of concerns, large and small.

Our services are confidential and free of charge for all students who meet the eligibility requirements. Appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. If we are running a wait list for a particular service, we can work with you to get you connected to outside services. Our goal is to ensure you have the support you need while at college.

Learn more about scheduling with Counseling & Wellness Services.

Please note that the office of Counseling and Wellness Services is closed when the college is closed/classes are not in session. Our services are not provided on holidays, through school breaks, or after graduation. It is the student’s responsibility to secure off-campus services during those times. It often can take a few months to get an appointment with off-campus providers, particularly psychiatrists; so, students should begin the process well in advance. Telehealth services through our contracted provider may be an option for students in the US at the time of services.