St. John’s College Alumni Magazine

What is this piece you have before you?

It is not a reincarnation of The College magazine, a resource-intensive publication that the college could not continue to staff and maintain. It is not an annual report, either; it is not meant to give a detailed account of what the college is doing and how resources are being spent.

What, then, is this publication all about?

Alumni Magazine 2023

A St. John’s College seminar usually begins with an opening question—a common starting point for a far-ranging, open-ended discussion among peers. This magazine will present you with some of the questions the St. John’s College community is grappling with now in 2023 and as we build to the future. We will show you ways the college is tackling those questions alongside alumni leaders near and far.

As we work to preserve this college we so love for future generations of Johnnies, we must ask our most crucial question: what responsibility do we have toward the communities and institutions that formed us? This is The Opening Question.

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