Podcasts and Media Productions

The St. John’s College community of students, faculty, and staff work outside of the classroom on a number of media projects, some of which are featured below. For inquiries, please contact communications(at)sjc.edu.

Continuing the Conversation – Limited Web and Podcast Series

Enter a conversation where questions are more important than answers. Where curiosity and connection trump certainty and combat. Where history’s great thinkers provide a springboard for us to jump into big questions together. Enter Continuing the Conversation: our college’s antidote to the blustery world just beyond our library doors. Watch and listen: sjc.edu/watch.

“Books and A Balance: A Podcast on Liberal Education”

St. John’s College is dedicated to a strange idea—that education is for the sake of freedom. Our motto promises to “make free human beings out of children by means of books and a balance.” As the oldest Great Books school in the United States, we’ve been working at this for a while.

So, what is a liberal education? What is its future? And what do books—and conversations about them—have to do with freedom and the life of the mind? Through conversations with a range of guests, we explore the meaning of liberal education, its power in the lives of individuals, and the economic, political, and cultural pressures it faces.

Hosts: St. John’s College Tutors Brendan Boyle (Annapolis) & David McDonald (Santa Fe)
Producer and Editor: Brandon Wasicsko

We welcome your feedback and questions at booksandabalance(at)sjc.edu.

Listen with the embedded player at the links below, and wherever you tune into podcasts.

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Matt Dinan on the Single Book Course

Angel Parham on the Black Intellectual Tradition and Classical Education

Jenna and Benjamin Storey on the Art of Choosing What to do With Your Life

Arnold Weinstein on The Lives of Literature

James Hankins on Intellectual Freedom in Medieval Universities—and Today’s

Brian Rosenberg on How the Humanities End—and Might Be Saved

Roosevelt Montás on Rescuing Socrates with Brendan Boyle

Daniel Harrell on Freedom, Death, and Liberal Education with Brendan Boyle

Zena Hitz on Thinking, Technology, and the Limits of Being Human with David McDonald