Mass Email to External Constituents

The Office of Communications has assumed responsibility for distributing campus-wide email messages (i.e. “mass emails,” “blast emails”) to college constituents.

Lead-time Requirements

Communications and Advancement Services require a lead time of at least two weeks prior to your requested send date. Questions pertaining to the emailing guidelines should be sent to Communications Coordinator Jennifer Behrens at jen.behrens(at)

What to Do

The following steps must be taken to send an email:

  1. Fill out the following form, which includes the date, the recipients, the subject line, and the text of the email.
  2. Within 3–4 days before your email is scheduled to be sent, you’ll receive a test of the email, sent by the Communications office.
  3. Within 1–2 days before your email is scheduled to be sent, make any final changes and send final approval to laura.clausen(at) and sally.mcgee(at)

Mailing Request Form

Your Information

Message Details

(Date might need to change if there is a conflict with an already scheduled email)

(A member of Advancement Services will reach out to you)

Approval Process

You will receive a test of the email, marked [TEST]. Do not reply to this email with feedback or approvals. Instead, contact laura.clausen(at) and sally.mcgee(at) with your feedback. (Also note that TEST emails sometimes land in your Other inbox, so check there as well.)