Hodson Trust Internship

Program Overview

The Hodson Trust Internship Program, made possible through a generous grant from the Hodson Trust, provides funding for summer internships for undergraduate students. Students can apply for funding for otherwise unfunded internships, or design their own projects, working directly with mentors in their field.

This program gives students an opportunity to acquire professional experience during their college years. Students can expand the range of their skills, explore their talents, and learn about the realities of fields in which they think they might like to work.

The Career Services Office assists students throughout the process of finding and applying for internships, whether or not they plan to compete for Hodson funding.

If you are interested in learning more about the Hodson Trust Internship, contact Kathleen Cady in the Career Services Office and view more information here.

2020 Hodson Internships Reports

Hodson Internships by Discipline

Read our complete history through 2021. These are internships completed by students in the past, organized by discipline. The listings include the year the internship occurred, the student name and class year, the internship organization along with a brief description, and the internship location (city and state).