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Website Refresh

The St. John’s Communications Office launched a design refresh of the college website on September 15, 2016. The new design supports our admission work by highlighting the Program and the voices of our students, both undergraduate and graduate.

The homepage, which was previewed for faculty on both campuses, is designed to more prominently highlight the Program. It features students (undergraduate and graduate alike) describing the importance of studying these particular works in our distinctive community of learners.

As part of the refresh, we introduced page designs with more room for visually interesting content and improved the site navigation. Although the effort is not a rebranding per se, our design choices were guided by extensive campus and alumni feedback received during the past two years, as well as emerging best practices and analysis of user behavior on our own site.

Why Now?

  • To support the admissions recruiting cycle and spark greater applicant interest in St. John’s.
  • To foster alumni pride with a richer, more authentic depiction of the college as one of the nation’s great communities of higher learning.
  • To incorporate feedback from the many faculty, students, staff, and alumni who sought to help us improve the college’s marketing and communications.
  • To make accessible to people with disabilities, including those who use assistive technologies (screen readers, etc.).
  • To model the latest design thinking and technologies and keep the site looking fresh.
  • To continue providing a “responsive” (mobile-friendly) website that serves the increasing number of users browsing via smartphones and tablets.
  • To streamline site architecture by cleaning up thousands of outdated pages and documents.

This first phase of the refresh focused on design, improved navigation, and the homepage. Web updates are ongoing as the Communications web team will contact programs and offices college-wide to work on rewriting and enhancing content.

Please use the online help form to report content changes, updates needed, or issues encountered.

Happy browsing! Please send your thoughts about the website to webmaster(at) We welcome your continued input to help us make sure is serving the college’s needs as effectively as possible.