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Treasurer’s Office

The Treasurer’s Office in Santa Fe is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, audit management, business services training, cashiering/bursar services, endowment and gift accounting, journal accounting, payroll, and student accounts.

The Treasurer’s Office aims to provide clear, concise, and timely dissemination of policies and procedures regarding its business services; prompt and accurate processing of all financial transactions; courteous and helpful interactions with the college community, constituent groups, and sponsoring agencies; and financial reports for management uses throughout the institution.

Santa Fe Treasurer’s Office Staff

Michael S. Duran, Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer
505-984-6096 | michael.duran(at)

Adam Johnson, Director of Finance
505-984-6062 | adam.johnson(at)

Belle Olivas, Senior Accountant
505-984-6092 | belle.olivas(at)

Charlene Maes, Account Technician II (payroll/cashier)
505-984-6090 | charlene.maes(at)

Krystle Hernandez, Student Accounts
505-984-6091 | krystle.hernandez(at)

Debbie Meyer, Administrative Assistant
505-984-6096 | debbie.meyer(at)

contact information

St. John’s College Treasurer’s Office
1160 Camino Cruz Blanca
Santa Fe, NM 87505-4599
Phone: 505-984-6096 or toll-free: 1-866-507-5273
Fax: 505-984-6193
Location: Weigle Hall, room 105