Health Insurance

Due to regulatory issues with the state of New Mexico, the Santa Fe campus is unable to provide health insurance coverage for U.S. students. The Affordable Care Act requires that all U.S. citizens have health insurance and it is the policy of the college that all students must show proof of that insurance prior to registration. If you already have health insurance, you will need to submit your policy information via the student health portal. If you do not already have health insurance, the Student Health Office can assist with enrollment in the New Mexico Health Exchange, at For more information contact the Student Health Office.

The college also requires all international students to be enrolled with a plan called GeoBlue. All international students will also need to submit proof of this coverage through the RCMD web portal. In order to assist with the enrollment in GeoBlue and to ensure proper registration with the web portal, all international students need to contact the college’s insurance representative, Tim Cummons, at 410-583-5452, toll-free at 800-346-4075 ext. 1452, or at tcummons(at)

Student Health Fee

As the Student Health Office is committed to providing care to all students, no matter what their insurance policy, the clinic requires no out-of-pocket expenses. In order to cover those expenses, the college charges a Student Health Fee of $250 per semester for all undergraduate students. This charge will be part of tuition and fees added to each students account prior to registration. Please contact the Student Health Office with any questions or concerns.

Student Health Insurance FAQs

If I am currently uninsured, how do I get health insurance?

Health insurance is available for students through the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange ( If you have access to health insurance through a parent, guardian or other source, the college encourages you to secure and/or maintain that coverage. Contact the Student Health Office for information on health insurance requirements and options.

International students can get information on the health insurance plan by contacting Tim Cummons at 800-346-4075, ext. 1452, or stjohns(at) The Student Health Office can also answer your questions. For more information about student health insurance, visit the Student Health Office page.

Once students have enrolled in an insurance plan, they will need to submit policy information via the student health portal.