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Santa Fe Registration Timeline

We are delighted to welcome you to St. John’s College in Santa Fe. Below is a list of what you’ll need to do before you arrive on campus for Registration. Instructions are available on how to see and pay your bill.

Forms for All Students in Santa Fe

Action Begin Date End Date
Print, sign, and return your financial aid award (if applicable) Immediately August 1
Complete your financial aid checklist Now August 1
Complete online housing and registration forms May 6 August 1
Print and return the mandatory Health Packet
  • Required for registration. Don't delay!
May 6 August 1
Request accommodations (if applicable) May 6 August 1
Access information to start first assignments May 6 August 1
Report mailing address changes May 6 August 1
Create mySJC account
  • Students will receive instructions from the Office of Information Technology
End of June August 1
Access your bill (fee statement) on mySJC End of June August 1
Enroll in Payment Plan (if applicable) End of June August 1
Request that your current school send a final transcript to the Admissions Office
  • Required for registration. Don’t delay!
After completion August 1
Pay tuition balance from your fee statement, if not enrolled in Payment Plan July 1 August 1
Get Inclusive online bystander training
  • Students will receive an email with instructions from Get Inclusive
August 5 August 19
Read information for admitted students and see answers to frequently asked questions Ongoing

Additional Forms for International Students

Action Deadline
Review steps on how to obtain your F-1 Visa Immediately
Submit items for I-20 and F-1 Visa Immediately
I-20 Transfer Form to St. John's College in Santa Fe  
Read the International Student Handbook (coming soon) August 15