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Student Parking

Vehicle Registration and Parking Permits

All students parking their motor vehicles, motorcycles, or mopeds in any lot on St. John’s property must register and obtain a parking sticker. Campers, trailers, motor homes, commercial size trucks, and inoperable vehicles may not be parked on campus without special permission from the director of safety. St. John’s College is not responsible for damage to vehicles on campus or theft of their contents.

The undergraduate vehicle registration fee is $75 for all students (grad and undergrad) for one year or $50 for one semester. The vehicle registration fee is not billed to the student account. Parking permits can be purchased with cash, check, money order, Visa, or MasterCard during registration at the beginning of each semester. Later in the year, a form can be obtained from the switchboard and the fee remitted in the Treasurer’s Office. Students will not be issued a parking sticker without payment in full.

All vehicle registrations are administered by the switchboard supervisor, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. A vehicle registration booth is available in Weigle Hall during registration. Vehicle registrations must be completed by the end of the second week of each semester. A $50 late registration fee may be added to the vehicle registration fee after the second week. There is no prorating of fees. No refunds are issued after the second week of the semester or to students who move off campus. A vehicle acquired during the course of the semester must be registered within the first week of ownership. Unregistered vehicles may be booted or towed and impounded at the owners expense, and parking or other fines may be applied to a students account retroactively once vehicle ownership is verified.

It is the responsibility of the student to display the parking permit on the inside of the lower left front windshield of his or her vehicle. A registered vehicle without a permit displayed may be towed.

Permits are issued for a single vehicle and are non-transferable. A student with more than one vehicle must register each vehicle separately; both vehicles are not permitted on campus at the same time.

Visitors and Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary parking permits are obtained from the switchboard. These are issued for overnight visitors and students who have a vehicle on campus for seven days or less. Students who have guests on campus are responsible for properly registering their guests vehicle and ensuring that they understand in which lots they may park.

Vehicles are to be parked in designated parking lots only. Limited parking is allowed along some portions of the campus roadways. Except to load or unload for ten minutes or less, parking is not permitted in the bays at the foot of the stairs leading to the upper or lower dormitories or in the Peterson or Lowers loading docks. Vehicles may be towed without notification when parked in any unauthorized areas, such as yellow zones, dumpster areas, or in the case of a safety issue. Lot A, also known as France, is considered on-campus parking and requires a permit.

More Information

Citations for the academic year

  • First parking violation: Written warning.
  • Second parking violation: $20 fine and possible boot.
  • Boot fee: $50 fine first violation; $100 fine all subsequent violations.
  • Third parking violation: $20 fine and possible tow.
  • Fourth violation: $20 fine and tow may lose your privilege to park/drive on campus; $100-$200 tow fee placed on student account.
  • First Speeding/Careless violation: $25 fine.
  • Second Speeding/Careless violation: $50 fine may lose your privilege to drive on campus.

Records are kept on every ticket written, whether a warning or a fine. Students can contest citation to Security within five days of receiving a ticket. Do not wait until the vehicle is towed to question a ticket that you receive. Parking citations are billed to the students account in the Treasurer’s Office and must be paid within 30 days of receipt of citation.

The speed limit is 15 MPH on campus. Motorists should note marked crosswalks and yield to pedestrians. Persons who acquire two speed limit citations or acquire four or more parking citations may lose their privilege of driving on campus.

Students may not leave their vehicles on campus during Winter Break or after Commencement.

Questions regarding parking or vehicle registration are to be directed to the switchboard senior operator at 505-984-6000 or the security director at 505-984-6125.